United We Stand?

An Engaging and Interactive Gathering
to Heal the Political Divide in the American Church

As American Christians pledge allegiance to the flag, we are increasingly aware that our churches are no longer united as one, but are deeply divided along political lines.

The Facts are Alarming

How can we find common ground in today's increasingly political landscape?

Our Churches are becoming more politically-charged.


Political divisions have created a fractured and broken Church community.

Christian Post

Americans are more divided now than ever before.

The Atlantic

Young people are leaving the church by the thousands.

J. Warner Wallace

Most young people say politics in the pulpit is driving them away from Christianity.

Christianity Today

Evangelical Christians are slowly growing older and more irrelevant to their communities.

Baptist News

How Do We Reverse This Disturbing Trend?

Author and Bible Teacher Keith Giles has spent the last few years studying the decline of Christianity in America and has documented our current struggle to find unity in the Body of Christ in his most recent series of books. As a result of this research, Keith has developed a presentation that can help us understand how we got here, and more importantly, how the Church can emerge from this crisis as one Body, and one Bride, united in Christ.

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What Does the Event Entail?

In two, one-hour conversational sessions, Keith Giles will explain how the Church became entangled in politics, what we can do to escape it, and how we can find common ground as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Session 1

  • Are we more American than Christian?
  • Why we can’t convert a culture if that culture has already converted us
  • The Real Dangers of Tribalism
  • What Truly Divides Us?
  • Where Does Our Unity Actually Come From?
  • Are We Pledging Allegiance to Christ?

Session 2

  • The Entangled Church: How we got here
  • The Shiny Red Button: Why it works for the Left and the Right
  • Learning From Our Past Mistakes: Lessons from the Moral Majority/Religious Right
  • Divided Loyalty: How our political tribalism is eclipsing the Gospel of Christ
  • Finding Common Ground: Our Unity In Christ Revealed
  • “In the first few centuries, the church’s response to patriotism, nationalism, politics, and most importantly, the Kingdom of God, was the exact opposite of the American church’s response today. Keith Giles...makes a powerful case that the early church had it right all along.”

    Ross Rohde, author of Viral Jesus

  • “We have been privileged to know Keith Giles for a few years, not only through his excellent books, but also through personal interactions associated with his conferences and other events. His teachings have blessed us, as we have been seeking clarity from God about questions like Christianity and nationalism/patriotism, how to read scripture, violence in the Old Testament, how to do “church”, etc. We would highly recommend that any Jesus-follower seeking the real Jesus would get familiar with Keith’s works, and attend one of his conferences if possible. He’s a fascinating dude!”

    John and Wanda Sinkey

  • “I’ve been acquainted with Keith for many years. In the summer of 2018 he came to Portsmouth, OH to co-host an event with me highlighting the enemy-love of Christ. In both private and public conversation Keith exhibited a genuine care for people and a heartfelt devotion to Jesus, not to mention the radical patience that is becoming a public provocateur of his stature! Whether or not you share all of Keith’s convictions, I am sure you will benefit from his presence. I gladly recommend his service to the church.”

    Joshua Lawson


Who is Keith Giles?

Over the last few years, Keith Giles has spoken at various events and church communities around the country to help identify the root of our struggles and to restore unity in the Body of Christ. His passion is to help lead congregations towards common ground so they can focus on their mission and calling to be ambassadors of Christ in the world. Keith is the author of several books, including the Amazon best-seller, Jesus Untangled: Crucifying Our Politics To Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb, and is a frequent guest on Christian podcasts and radio programs nationwide.

Ready to Get Untangled?

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